That time of year! The staff at The James Company couldn’t resist coming up with our own top 10 New Year’s resolutions as we look forward to serving you in 2024. Unlike most resolutions, we are confident that we can stick with these, because they are the same resolutions we have kept for 36 years in a row!

  1. We resolve to listen to you… knowing that every congregation and non-profit is gifted with a unique personality.
  1. We resolve never to underestimate the power of God’s Spirit to stir the hearts and minds of generous donors.
  1. We resolve never to launch a campaign until everyone is sufficiently prepared, and we are confident that the campaign will be successful.
  1. We resolve to make the campaign a rewarding and manageable experience for all volunteers.
  1. We resolve to never underappreciate the importance of JOY while conducting campaigns, and to encourage occasions for celebration and touches of humor when appropriate.
  1. We resolve to provide a steady, calm hand throughout the campaign process, regardless of any uncertainty that may be swirling in the wind.
  1. We resolve to be trustworthy and always tell you the truth.
  1. We resolve to continue to work with you until the campaign has achieved its full potential.
  1. We resolve to be responsive and available.
  1. We resolve to stay professionally updated and employ current fundraising “best practices”.

Wishing you good success with your own resolutions!

Happy New Year!

  Fred Stoltz, Sr. Program Director
The James Company
(414) 690-3426