Campaign Deadly sin #6: Sloth

Capital Campaign deadly sin #6 is Sloth. “Capital Campaigns fail not because they run out of prospects but because they run out of steam.”

There are two things in life that are difficult to do: things you don’t like to do and things that you don’t know how to do. Very rarely does an organization run out of people to ask. Most often than not it is because the organization simply quits asking. Capital Campaigns are hard work and take prioritization and persistence to be successful.

There is a lot of excitement at the beginning of a campaign and it’s contagious. “This will be easy.” But then comes the first hurdle or a number of delays and in some cases the campaign completely stalls. Now what? Do you give up or do you use everything you can to push the campaign through a “drought period”. It takes more resources and energy to drive something up hill. Don’t pull back, push harder.  

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