Capital Campaign Deadly sin #5: Anger

 Capital Campaign deadly sin #5 is Anger. “I will give $1 million…if you fire the Executive Director or get rid of the pastor.”

What is your congregation’s or nonprofit’s image among your stakeholders? How do you know for sure? What is the internal health of your congregation or nonprofit? It is difficult to get an objective view from close up. However, these are things you definitely want to know before you launch a capital campaign.

An objective Campaign Readiness Assessment (sometimes called a Feasibility Study or Campaign Planning Study) by a third party not only looks at the community’s willingness to financially support a plan, but also the organization’s readiness to ask

There are three types of anger that can derail a capital campaign: unknown, unacknowledged, and unresolved. Uncovering unsettled grievances, uncomfortable issues, and internal weaknesses before kicking- off a campaign allows you to address issues head on before you try to raise money. When identified early and handled appropriately the effects of anger can be mitigated…any maybe even turned into a positive!    

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