Capital Campaign Deadly sin #4: GREED

“He’s worth billions. He has to be good for a huge gift!”

Greed and impatience leads to this: We need money. We know who has money. Let’s go and ask them for lots of money!

The sin is losing sight of the fact that it is not about your organization, church, or school, it’s all about the donor and his or her passions. But how can you know if the donor cares, and if they do what might they give? Simple: Ask them.

Do your homework to determine if a potential donor has interest in your project. Don’t just go out and ask for money. Start with cultivating potential donors by finding out whether or not your project intersects with their passions. Using internal and anecdotal knowledge will help you prepare for a conversation. And don’t forget, always talk with donors you already have a relationship with.

If a donor is passionate about your case for support, how much do you ask them for? Show them a Gift Range Chart listing the different levels of gifts needed to achieve your goals. Ask what level of giving would represent a meaningful gift for them. Then leave them with the thought of considering a “stretch” gift by considering one level higher on the chart.

 This is how to not be “greedy” in your fundraising!

John V. Clark, President/Partner
The James Company
(815) 353-8997