Capital Campaign deadly sin #3 is LUST. “We want a consultant that will go out there and find us donors for our campaign.”

 So, what do you expect the consultant to do? Canvass the neighborhood, ring doorbells and ask for a donation? Or, go from business to business asking for support? What would people think of your church or organization? How much money do you think you would raise? The “hit and run” approach doesn’t work. Authentic relationships drive capacity giving to capital campaigns.  

Significant gifts come from donors who have a relationship with your ministry or nonprofit. The challenge is to cultivate the donors who care for your ministry or cause, inspire them to prioritize your project and make a meaningful gift.

In order to be successful in a capital campaign, you need to put your donors’ needs before yours. You need to ask what interests them about your project(s) and then invite them to consider making a meaningful gift that will bring them joy. Think about it this way: In love the other is important, in lust you are important.

Follow us next week when we visit Deadly Sin #4 – Greed

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