If you are following along, deadly sin #1 is Envy. “Why don’t we just copy what they did?” Read about deadly sin #1 HERE.

Capital Campaign deadly sin #2 is Gluttony. “Let’s just raise the goal. What’s a few more million?”

Goals are a measure for success. One of the keys to a successful capital campaign is the belief by the leadership and donors that the campaign will be successful. A clear and creditable campaign strategy is essential for donor support. The temptation is to set a campaign goal on what is wanted, rather than what is feasible. Even if a goal is a “stretch”, it still needs to be possible.

The temptation can come from over-zealous leadership thinking, “this will be easy, how much do we want?” I remember conducting a feasibility study with a client that doubled the campaign goal from our recommendation and were disappointed when they raised approximately five percent over our original estimation. An inflated goal will only lead to the perception of failure when maybe you reached your full potential.

Follow us next week when we visit Deadly Sin #3 – Lust

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