To one degree or another, we are all face complexities that oftentimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. We seem to be faced constantly with disruptions that leave us trying to figure out where our “center” is.

In these situations, it’s easy to think that only equally complex solutions will solve our complex problems. However, the truth is:

…simple always beats complex. 

To effectively leverage the power of simplicity, I have found the following steps to be useful:

  • Question the status quo. Don’t hesitate to challenge existing practices and ask why things have become so complex. For me, fresh perspectives can lead to simpler solutions.
  • Break down problems. Instead of tackling a whole problem all at once, break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This can make it easier to find a simpler, less complex, approach.
  • Focus on essentials. This is the one that gets me! I have to work hard at identifying the core elements that are truly necessary for success and prioritize them over secondary concerns. But once you master this, it helps so much with streamlining problems and eliminating complexities.
  • Be open to change. Recognize that simplicity requires a willingness to let go of old or ineffective practices. Be open to implementing simpler solutions…they may just work!

Seeking simplicity has the wonderful potential to transform the way we address problems and navigate complex situations.

John V. Clark, President/Partner
The James Company
(815) 353-8997