In our last post, we introduced Phase 1 (Steps 1, 2, & 3). Click Here to read the first post.

Phase 2 (Steps 4 & 5) has to do with Assessing the Vision cast in Phase 1.

Assessing the Vision (Step 4) is all about creating awareness, understanding, and interest. The process involves introducing the vision cast in Phase 1 to your church membership or stakeholders in your organization. You want to find out what is liked about the vision, what questions/concerns people have, and finding out if there is a readiness to support and ultimately fund the vision.

A pamphlet outlining the vision and the range of costs needs to be prepared and direct mailed to all concerned. Ample opportunities need to be offered for feedback: Information forums, surveys, and one-on-one conversations/interviews. There needs to be a lot of listening and openness to all feedback.

Assessing the Vision (Step 5) is evaluating what was heard, revising the vision (if needed) and finalizing a case for support in preparation for launching a Capital Campaign.

Our next post will introduce Phase 3, Steps 5 – 10, Funding the Vision. If you have questions about Phase 1 or 2, don’t hesitate to contact us at

 John V. Clark, President/Partner
The James Company