“All gifts are appreciated!” is an important mantra to repeat as a capital campaign is conducted. All gifts, from the “widow’s mite” to the six-figure gift, are to be honored for the heart-felt expressions of generosity that they represent.

Having said that, there is a need to say a few words about Leadership Gifts. For any capital campaign to raise significant money towards your project goals, you will need leadership gifts of $20,000 to six-figures. It is not uncommon for leadership gifts to comprise 60% to 75% of the overall amount raised in a capital campaign.

For that reason, it is important that you have an intentional plan to reach out to your Steward Leaders when conducting a capital campaign. Members of the campaign team need to identify the Steward Leaders, and assign themselves based on existing relationships. These one-on-one encounters are important opportunities to discuss the project, answer questions they may have, and ask them to take the time to prayerfully consider the possibility of a leadership gift. It can be helpful to share a chart tailored for your fundraising goals, that paints a picture of the importance that leadership gifts play in reaching your campaign goals.

An intentional effort to engage your Steward Leaders will play a significant part in your overall capital campaign success.

Written by Fred Stoltz, Director
The James Company
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Email: fstoltz@jamescompany.com