Over the past few months, we’ve seen a technological shift unlike any in our lifetime.

As the world shut down and all forms of travel with it, we were forced to find new ways to communicate and accomplish our work. For the most part, that meant shifting to Zoom, Google Meet or other platforms designed to bring us together.

It has become clear to me that these technological tools are much more than communication platforms. When you think about all the massive industries these tools have managed to replace – air travel, car travel, public transit – and all the opportunities that have been created for doing things in ways we never would have imagined, it’s clearly serving as more than just a better than a telephone call. It’s become a brand new and absolutely incredible transportation system that’s helping us travel from one place to another instantaneously. Our perception of space and time have been changed for good! It’s as close to “beam me up, Scotty” as we have ever been!

Once you move past the idea that it’s just a different kind of telephone call and start looking for ways to use it as a means for being much more creative, innovative, and future-focused, you’ll see just how empowering this technology can be for mission.

At The James Company, we’ve used this technology to continue our meetings, mentoring, interviews, workshops, teaching, trainings and to stay connected with our community despite the global pandemic. It was a newer capability for us and we’ve invested effort, time, and money into growing and flexing it over the past six months. That’s because we knew from the start that it was more than just a better way to connect. It was our chance to make your entire experience with us better, not just for right now, but far into the future as well.

Without the danger of losing our ability to serve our valued partners and connection to our James Company community at large, we may not have seen the opportunity that is Zoom/Google Meet and come out of this with such an exciting new way to provide value to our client partnerships. I encourage you to view your own dangers in the same way. They are always, always an opportunity to dig deep, get creative, and create value, if you choose to view them that way.

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