Feasibility Study

What is a Feasibility Study?

The purpose of The Feasibility Study is to test the level of support for the proposed capital campaign, assess the readiness of the church for a capital campaign, identify potential leadership and major gifts, and determine a fundraising goal.


Working with a task group of five to seven church staff and leaders, The James Company staff guides the following steps.  This process takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete.

  • Fact Finding – Church records and church financial data and are reviewed.
  • Information Pamphlet – A preliminary statement is developed outlining the vision for ministry and the proposed case for support.
  • Congregational Input – Information Pamphlets and Survey response forms are mailed direct to all members. Members are invited to attend Information Gatherings at which they can ask questions and offer feedback.
  • Survey – A Survey is offered online (or hard copy) to give everyone an opportunity to respond.
  • Personal Interviews – Personal interviews are conducted with active members who represent a cross-section of the church. The list should include financial stewardship leaders, current ministry representatives, appeal volunteer prospects, and highly respected members.
  • Report – A written report is prepared and presented to the governing body regarding the readiness of the church for a fund appeal.

To assess a congregation’s readiness for a capital campaign, the following variables are evaluated:

  • Awareness of the vision for ministry
  • Agreement with the proposed case for support
  • Leadership availability for guiding a campaign
  • Potential financial support, including major gifts
  • Timing for a fund appeal