Annual Stewardship Appeal

How can you grow your year-round stewardship ministry?

The stewardship emphasis of a congregation supports its identity, vision and direction for its ministry. At The James Company, we have helped many congregations develop plans and programs for growing faithful, joyful givers by practicing the theology of stewardship rather than taking a fundraising approach.

We believe stewardship is a way of life – something we do every day. We give out of gratitude – to give, to love and to serve. Stewardship is a matter of the heart.

We tailor a productive year-round stewardship emphasis to fit your congregation’s concerns, style and personality. We offer a wide range of services and resources to light the joy of giving.

The James Company will:

  • Review and analyze your past and present stewardship approach, efforts and results.
  • Develop a year-round plan and program for inviting, communicating, celebrating and giving thanks versus implementing a fall or spring stewardship appeal.
  • Provide in-depth teaching and training to grow joyful givers.
  • Design print media, videos, social media and other support resources to enhance your efforts.

Our stewardship approach is guided by your mission, not by your annual budget. We believe people give generously when they are excited about a congregation’s mission and know their gifts make a difference.