Hope Center is a non-profit that has been serving the basic needs of financial assistance, food, and clothing in Waukesha County, Wisconsin for more than thirty years. Hope Center had been located in a former funeral home, which made their work difficult because of limited space and inaccessibility, requiring their clients to take stairs to access their services.

A wonderful opportunity arose when a nearby bank vacated their building. The wide-open spaces, would triple the size of their current building, providing full accessibility, with an elevator to all floors.

In 2023, Hope Center launched a multi-year capital campaign to fund the $2.5 million renovations and updates that were needed to transform their newly acquired bank building into an inviting, fully functional, facility.

Although the capital campaign is very much in process, Hope Center has reached the

$1 million mark.  In January, 2024, they completed renovations and moved into their newly remodeled facility. They now have more space for their current programs, and have added guest showers and laundry facilities. They also have room to partner with other agencies.

The success of the campaign to-date is a result of the following:

  • Hope Center spent many months conducting a feasibility study to ensure that their stakeholders endorsed the vision to address the inadequacies of their prior facility.
  • The campaign received the dedicated focus of key leaders, including the Executive Director, Development Director, and Board Chairperson.
  • Over the years, Hope Center has been successful cultivating a large network of donors, volunteers, and congregations. Hope Center has strong goodwill throughout the community. To-date, they have been beneficiaries of many gifts, ranging from small $5 gifts, to six-figure leadership gifts.
  • Hope Center borrowed funds to complete the renovations. Hope Center Leadership understands that their capital campaign is a marathon, rather than a sprint. They are prepared to keep focused on their campaign for the next few years, confidant that they will reach their goal of paying off their renovation debt.

Congratulations to Hope Center for their successful move into their new home, as they now expand their services to those in need!

Fred Stoltz, Sr. Program Director
The James Company
(414) 690-3426
Email: fstoltz@jamescompany.com