We are just heading into the largest giving period of the year for churches and nonprofits. In fact, 30% of all charitable giving will be done during the month of December!

Below is a template of a sample email you can send to your entire church community. Don’t be shy, send it to everyone you have contacts for!

SUBJECT: As we close out the year…

As this year of Covid-19 winds to a close, I wanted to shoot you a quick email to remind you of three things that happened this year that we never thought we’d ever have to do. These are directly related to what you made possible; so, you’ve got a big part in this.

(list three things that your church did amidst the Covid-19 pandemic)

Thank you. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through our church. The church never closed! Your giving has made all the difference!

As we come into these last few days of the year and you are looking over your gift list, remember God’s love for you. And then prayerfully consider making a special (over and above regular giving) Christmas gift to the mission of our church. Your gift today will help us start next year off strong.

You can mail your gift directly to the church or click below and give online. [Click here to give online now]

Thank you for your generosity. The best is yet to come!


P.S. Consider the Cares Act opportunities for your year-end gift!



For more information on The CARES Act – go to https://tinyurl.com/TJC-Blog

Three Ways to “Spice Up” Your Year End Giving Email

  • Use photos of the 3 things you listed in the email
  • Use Video from your smartphone that’s fun and engaging
  • Use Audio and record a quick 30 – 60 second personal message and attach it to the email

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