As we are experiencing this season of Fall, we are once again reminded of the abundance that surrounds us, the plenty that we receive, and the multitude of blessings that come to us. If you take the opportunity to drive through the countryside, you will see farmers harvesting their corn, wheat, or soybeans. Orchards invite you to come and pick your own apples. There are roadside vendors selling pumpkins, corn, and other produce. It is the season of Harvest Festivals, and Thanksgiving celebrations. In these days of Fall, we are reminded that there is indeed enough – not only for ourselves – there is enough for all.

But we live in a culture of scarcity. It runs contrary to everything we experience in these days of Fall. Its message is that you do not have enough. What you have is fragile and can be gone at any moment, and you must go out and get more. There are thousands of messages that we receive every day reminding us of this “scarcity.” They are messages of fear. It becomes a never-ending cycle, and we become convinced that there is never enough.

When we live with an attitude of scarcity, we begin to hoard the blessings we have received. We convince ourselves that we do not have enough. We never stop to ask ourselves “How much is enough?” Surveys have found that generally people believe that 20 percent more than what they currently have would be enough. The problem is that it does not matter how much you have, it is always 20 percent more. So even when you attain the 20 percent, the sense of enough continues to be 20 percent more. It is the proverbial carrot at the end of the stick.

All of this, is why it is important for us to truly experience this season of Fall and the abundance that it offers for our lives. Because the reality of the abundance we experience can profoundly change the way we see and interact with the world around us. We can let go of the fear of scarcity and begin to experience the peace of being satisfied with enough. As we start to be comfortable with having enough, we become open to developing a spirit of generosity. As we grow to becoming more generous, we find in our lives, abundance that leads us to sharing with others who truly do not have enough due to life’s circumstances. This generosity fills us with gratitude and leads us to experiencing and expressing our thankfulness – for the abundance that we receive, and the opportunities we have to share it with one another and the world.

Scott A. Jacob
Sr. Program Director
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