Just when we were looking forward to 2022 being better, omicron came along! We know more and have more resources than we did when the ball dropped on 2021, but the unknowns continue, as well. We dare not let our guard down…we need to continue to be resilient!

Here at The James Company, we worked with remarkable people in 2020-2021 who stayed the course, even when they felt vulnerable because of the unknowable and unexpected. And we saw contributors/donors/stewards step up their generosity to unprecedented levels. Each one of our “virtual in-person” projects over the past two years have met or exceeded their goals!

So, what was the consistent learning from the past two years? While there were many times when leaders were tempted to lurch this way and that in these uncertain times, their calm persistence paid off.

 As we greet the New Year, we celebrate you! We applaud your steady persistence and courage in the face of unknowns.

Your help makes the world a better place. We are continually inspired by your faith, kindness, generosity, and hard work.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for stories, examples, and learnings from the past two years that will encourage and inspire you.

Happy New Year!

John V. Clark, President/Partner
The James Company
(815) 353-8997
Email: jclark@jamescompany.com